Frequently Asked Questions

What is this directory all about?

Michigan BD is the first and fastest-growing online directory of small businesses that are located in the entire state of Michigan, USA. The directory serves as a venue for local businesses to advertise their products or services online for the thousands of Michigan residents that visit this site everyday. To read more about this directory, please check out

Is it free to register and list my business?

Yes, listing is free! Unlike other online directories that require registration fees, this directory is 100% free. Each listing is consist of important details that will further promote your business to your online customers. The details including the following:

  • Business name
  • Business address, with Google map
  • Contact numbers and email address
  • Business details / description
  • Link to your website, if you have one
  • News or Products page

I have two businesses in Michigan, can I list them all?

Yes! Listing in this directory is unlimited. That means you can add as many businesses as you want by using just a single account. Once you sign up, you will gain access to your admin panel where you can easily add all of your businesses. Just make sure the businesses that you add are all based in Michigan.

How can my business appear on top of its category?

For a small monthly fee, you can upgrade your FREE account to PREMIUM account. Upgrading is easy and can be done through you admin panel.

Can I create a free website?

 Yes! is one of the few online business directories that allow members to create free website to further promote their products or services. We have a free website builder located at: Even if you have a website creating a free website is a great way to add valuable links to your main website. The simple website builder allows you to quickly put your site together. Click the link above to register your website address. Remember, the more online presence you have, the more chances of getting noticed by your target market.

What are the benefits of a Premium account?

Upgrading gives you many advantages. Most importantly all upgraded businesses appear above all other businesses within the same category, meaning your business comes first. Upgraded businesses include:

  • Uploading of 6 photos
  • Add business opening and closing times
  • Enhanced listing in every category you appear under (the keywords you choose) business appears before free listings
  • Tiled adds appearing next to your competitors

I have not signed up yet but my business details are already here. How did this happen?

We have professional researchers who gather information from other business portals and industry associations to determine Michigan-based businesses that can be included here. If you want to delete your details or if you want to change the information, you can easily edit or delete your listing by clicking the "Claim this Business" link placed directly above the business. 

I have more questions before signing up, what should I do?

 This FAQ page provides the most basic questions that have been raised by business owners. If you have further questionst hat are not addressed above, please feel free to contact us by using our contact form that can be found here We will be very  happy to discuss your concerns.

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